Digital Printing

Canon digital photocopiers are feature rich and offer outstanding image quality. The copiers use digital technology to ensure that each printed document is faithfully reproduced exactly as you intended. Dual and quad beam lasers produce pin sharp, accurate text and crisp blacks for a professional finish every time.

Colour photocopiers render images smoothly to give a full spectrum of perfect colour, essential for todays demanding business environment. The new Canon C1+ now features an additional clear toner which allows for even greater creativity, enabling spot varnishing and gloss highlighting effects.
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Home Information Packs

Print Home Information Packs easily and quickly with software from Citrus DigitalHow to compile & print HIPs the easy way Print your HIP as one document and save time.

The onset of HIPS (Home Information Packs) has created a massive cost for businesses in the property industry in terms of time and expenditure, but also presents an opportunity for those in the business of providing this service.

Having been introduced in 2007 the Home information pack was introduced to provide Prospective buyers with all the relevant property information before purchase and before any costs are incurred.

With some HIPS packs being in excess of 80 pages long and costing in some cases more than £400.00 to the customer, it is essential that these documents are not only cost effective but are painstakingly accurate.

Citrus Digital can provide bespoke solutions that not only reduce the print costs associated with HIPs but also reduce the time it takes to compile and cost out.


Compile various file types into one document

Compile multiple file types into one document


HIPS are frequently made up from multiple sources and may contain several different file types. The reason for this is that information will be gathered from PDF's , the web, excel spreadsheets and word documents.

The result is a pile of different pages which all need to be collated, compiled in order and presented either in a folder or stapled together in a single document.


At Citrus Digital we believe at taking a fresh approach to tasks such as compiling Home Information Packs. We can install software for you which will automatically compile all the different file types together into one simple document which you are free to edit and manipulate on your desktop. This single document, which is essentially the HIP pack can then be printed in its entirety through your Canon copier or MFD.

Every print or copy you make helps to plant a new tree. Professionally finished, stapled or folded HIPS

By using software such as Imageware iW360 from Canon or eCopy Desktop we can show you fast, simple methods for streamlining your document production.

Your HIP file will be printed as a single document to your machine, so you will be able to staple or saddle finish this project as a completed pack. You will no longer have to print each word file , PDF or spreadsheet out individually, compile them together and bind into one document as this can be achieved simply with a few clicks of a mouse.

Your compiled documents can be saved and edited at a later date so if the file needs an Save time compiling Home Information Packsamendment, this can be applied and reprinted instantly.



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